Mira Saiya

Martial arts mechanic


Passion: Vengeance

Mark of Power: Swirling gears replacing her pupil and irises

1. Invent it, create it, build it, fix it, rebuild it
2. I will kill that man
3. Not just another pretty face.

Engineer (4)
Gadgets (3)
Firearms (2)

Wounds: 3
Defense 4 (5 with shield)
Action pool max: 10
Charge pool max: 6


Resilience X 2
Zap: 3 charge cost, +4 die vs Single enemies, +3 die vs Squads, +2 die vs swarms
Chain Lightening: 3 charge cost, +4 die vs Swarms, +3 die vs Squads, +2 die vs single enemies

Soulbound weapon X 4:
Exoskeleton: Protection (gives her a shield effect (1 defense))
Haste (gives her quickened effect (
1 die to maneuvers))
Charge Container (Item can hold on charge die)


Grew up a child prodigy of a junkyard town. On the eve of her building a her starting magnum opus (a device she only vaguely remembered in her dreams) a masked man bearing the mark of the alien legion attacked, killing her entire family, destroying her town and stealing her half finished invention. She’s since built her exoskeleton and sworn vengeance on the man.

Masked Man
Stolen Invention

Mira Saiya

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